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Texas Probate – 

This site links to statutory medial and financial power of attorney forms, form for Guardianship, and Appointment of Disposition of Remains as well as other information.

*For other states, call 2-1-1 from any state or do an internet search using terms that includes the name of your state and elder law, legal aid, or other key words.

Advance Directives
Definitions and all the legal forms for Texas.

Important Forms

All the forms below are for the state of Texas. For other states, contact your local or state bar association, or ask for help through your local Area Agency on Aging.

Please Note: No documents or information provided anywhere on this site should be considered legal advice, or intended to replace a formal discussion with a licensed attorney. If you have questions relating to the law, we advise you to seek the services of an attorney. Some communities have lawyers willing to provide limited free advice for persons with low incomes. Talk to the local bar association or call your local area agency on aging at one of the numbers from the links below.

Powers of attorney for financial and business affairs can be valuable alternatives to guardianship. When older adults execute this form it ensures that their needs and wishes are followed. Forms that comply with the Texas statutory requirements are available from many sources, including Texas Legal Services. To learn more about powers of attorney and/or obtain a  form, you can contact an attorney with Texas Legal Services at 1-800-622-2520.

Also, contact your local area agency on aging for assistance.

Power Of Attorney

Appointing someone to make financial and other decisions when someone is unable to do so

Medical Power of Attorney

This form allows you to designate someone to make medical decisions for you.

This is not what is usually known as a “living will.” See Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates below. In addition to Medical Power of Attorney and any directive, it is a good idea to make sure that you are listed on your loved ones’ medical records, through their signing of a HIPAA release form (Health Insurance Portability Act), which gives health professionals permission to talk to anyone other than the patient regarding medical-related issues.

Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates “Living Will”

This form documents your wishes in the event you are unable to make your own decisions and do not want extraordinary measures taken to keep you alive.

Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information – HIPAA Release

Give a copy to physicians and hospitals.

Declaration of Guardian in the Event of Later Incapacity or Need of Guardian

This form allows you to designate who you want to be your guardian (not guardian of your minor children — another form is used for that) if you become incapacitated.

The Physician’s Certificate of Medical Examination – used in cases where the
individual’s capacity to make decisions and care for themselves is determined.

Texas Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) form – State of Texas. This is provided for your information only. An Out Of Hospital DNR Order is executed by a doctor and must be kept with the person at all times. More info

Another resource:  Northwest Texas Legal Aid – go to and choose a Texas County for the local phone number to call.

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